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Frequently asked questions

Red Moon is a term MoonGuide uses for the handful of days each month when the most significant gravitational pull of the Moon peaks within a few hours of primetime in the evening.

The MoonGuide data is based on the gravitational pull of the moon and its position in the sky.

The 2 times given on the MoonGuide are the "Peak Activity",  times for each day. The  "red"  times represent the when the moon has the strongest gravitational pull and the "black" times represent the 2nd strongest gravitational pull for that day.

No. The app automatically changes per your location.

The red dates represent the Red Moon - the best days to hunt each month.

Yes. The MoonGuide information changes every year.

The "Peak Activity" times change daily, so some of them are going to occur after dark. This information is included for your reference only and DOES NOT mean MoonGuide suggests you hunt outside of legal hunting hours in your state.